I am thinking about building a 'H' quad copter and design it so the front two motors can rotate forward using the slider on my TX to allow for a more streamline forward flight. I know some people have simply mounted the motors forward facing so that during faster forward flight the body of the copter in more horizontal for less resistance. But I'm wondering how the code would react if it was set up as a standard H quad but the two front motors can pivot forward? It would have to be in alt hold mode not loiter of course. It seems as long as the front two motors don't rotate  too far [ 45 degrees or less? ] the code should work okay without any modification right?? The goal is to have a quad that can travel about 10 miles round trip. I am considering making the main body the shape of an airplanes wing profile for less drag / more lift. If anybody knows of a pair of different size CF tubes that slide inside each other nicely please let me know. Seems like that would make a good pivot. 

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After seeing some other peoples attempt not sure it's worth it. Seems like just tilting all the motors forward would be best.


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