Hello Community!

This is my first post so please be kind ;)

I am currently building a Cloud Control Station (SaaS) for my quadcopter which I hope others will find interesting. After testing some existing GCS I find them very... complex and not so user friendly for purposes Im looking for.

Some design goals for this project are

- Simplicity (Click-n-Fly)

- Manage multiple Drones/UAVs

- Real-time Video

- Search and Rescue

I have made 2-3 PoC versions so far since November last year and I think I finally landed with a design that I think will work. This is what Im working towards right now. (Not a final design)

This is the "napkin" solution I came up with.

This is the latest woking PoC (not the latest design)

First version running DroneKit

Im aiming of having a closed beta in end of May beginning of June so let me know if you are interested in testing it out. Requirement right now is a Raspberry Pi running an ArduPilot compatible APM.

My own current setup is a Quad with Raspberry Pi 3 with a Navio2 as APM with a connected C920 webcam streaming with GStreamer.

Let me know what you think.


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Looks interesting.  Will it be open source?

I have not fully decided yet how the model will look like, but the programs/scripts running on the Raspberry Pi will be Open Source and the SaaS platform will most likely be a freemium.  I have not made any decisions yet, need to make sure it works first :)

Fnoop said:

Looks interesting.  Will it be open source?

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