Ok guys, with all the people waiting on APM2 and all the exciting new alpha and beta releases of APM firmware coming, I think many people are starting to chomp at their bits, a little.  

To that end, I've opened up this discussion for all those with complaints.  As I've joined the Dev Team, and not at a productive stage yet, I'll monitor this discussion, and relay things to the others on the Dev Team.

These could be both hardware or software, or just general rants and raves!

Hope everyone takes advantage of this!  Maybe we'll all learn some things in the process.

Just wanted to add this response from Chris Anderson:

Please just contact sales@3drobotics.com and inquire about the status of your order. They are not necessarily shipped in order. For example, the unsoldered ones are shipped first, because they're faster to put together. Then soldered with GPS, then soldered without GPS (or maybe those two in reverse order, I can't remember). There are approximately 50 going out each day and the team tells me that the backlog should be over by Mon/Tues of next week. 

I agree, please use this discussion for Rants and Raves.  Order issues should be directed to 3DR directly.  I think you will get better response there.

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Unfortunately the system does not show a tracking number yet. Very frustrating. In Thailand it is end of their working Monday.

Hi Guys,


I'm not sure what to do. Maybe someone can help me. Jani promised the order would ship out on Monday (yesterday Bangkok time). the system was not updated. I called the phone number and was told that Jani was out of town till Wednesday.

I'm getting really desperate and frustrated and have no idea if my order has shipped, or when it will ship. I ordered from jDrones, because at the time of my order everything was in stock and with their 2-3 day shipping policy (order was placed on February 17), I would have received the order this week.


Please understand my point of view: jDrones has my $1500, I was promised three times that the order would ship 'tomorrow' or sooner.


Anyone any suggestions what to do? Any has Jani's cell phone number? Can anyone call him for me? As a last resort I can possibly contact Paypal, which is something I really do not want to do as I just want my order.



Alexander Plomp

Shipped. I was getting worried. Not sure how long DHL will take to Washington DC.

i got my APM2, thanks DIY, and i am in India.....

Ok....so based on available parts in stock, how many APM2.0 boards can be produced as from today please ??

got mine 3-6-12. order 18564


Just asking....if you post, and you make a point that puts the moderator in a difficult position will your post appear.

I only asked if the originator had a commercial interest in the outcome of the post and my post vanished and never appeared yet I still remained on the follow emails.

Maybe coincidence or a bug???

I did get a "your post must be approved prior to being posted"  (or something to that effect...very odd)

That's my rant.

All blog posts need to be approved by a moderators before being made available to the public.  Discussions are free for all.

We all follow guidelines set out by Chris Anderson, and consensus of other moderators.  There are over 50 moderators now, so even if one moderator is biased, which will never happen, another will most likely approve your post if it falls within guidelines.  Btw, any post with purely commercial interest, which does not benefit the community in any other way, would most likely not get approved.

This may not be a moderator issue if you are saying that you posted a comment to another person's blog. A blog starter can opt to approve posts to his blog...

Yes, I've taken up the task, but it's not easy, especially with all the PID changes recently.  I'm waiting until things settle down a bit.

I'm SO sick and tired of every new arducopter software release breaking things that I need and that used to work just fine.  Now my mission planner won't connect to ACM anymore (see issue 522 )

Just HAD to get that off my chest :(

RANT--- So I have posted 18 messages or questions in the last 2 weeks, ranging from Xbee fubar to a popped loose GPS module, and only one of them has been replied to regarding PID settings. Hard not to take that a bit personally.

I have to ask... Have I done something to make the group flame me, or are my questions just that far out there no one knows a solution?  Most of my issues I thouroughly research prior to posting, but I thought that was the idea, save time by pointing a person in the right direction.

I bought into the whole DIY Drones group for the support of this forum, and I am just not feeling it...  I may be personlizing this a bit, but if no one will help me cause I did something out of protocol, I will gladly stop posting questions, seems to be a waste of time posting when no one responds.  If I double post, so that others can see it, I get ignored anyway.

Should I abandon this screen name and start another?  It has been frustrating at best, only forum I have ever had a problem getting community help in like this.


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