Well, I pulled the trigger and ordered a Droidworx CX4 airframe a few weeks ago.  I have been researching and contemplating this build for a while now and am really taking my time...

I already have a Gaui500X which I am setting up (Arducopter) for a friend who says he doesn't have time to set his own one up.   Plus he's not that experienced with electronics (soldering etc).  I have so far had really good luck with the GAUI.  I have recently set up flight modes in my radio and plan to test these more this weekend.  

I also have some extra motors and speed controllers from udrones which I will be putting in a 450x airframe with no fancy electronics which I will use to get better at flying these multis.

I have been flying model airplanes for years and have flown a little helicopter, just not enough to consider myself any good, but I don't usually get too mixed up as long as I keep the copter low and close...  To assist in my transition to multi's, I bought a used copy of RealFlight 5.5 and am using the multi they have there to get my reactions intuitive like they are when flying planes.  


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I got yucked away from the traditional ESC, and stated looking more seriously at the BL-2.0 ESC and quad distribution board.  I will setup the ESC to use PPM, so I have to wire them for this:
The price seemed a bit high, but I started thinking I should put together 2 drones. One to test with (cheaper) and one to use when I want to do some pro quality video. I decided to take the cheaper udrones ECS & Motors and order a cheaper quad airframe which I will put those motors on. This will be good to have a fun drone and a business drone. 
As far as controls, I am using Arducopter telemetry:
I ordered some new motors which are better for a mid/heavy load which is what the CX4 is for (or at least I like a bit of overkill on my models and powerful motors are part of that)... The new motors I ordered are made specifically for audio visual applications which is cool:
For the GAUI500X I am setting up for a client, I have to add a camera as well, both FPV and HD Video (Canon Powershot or something similar). I found a really nice landing gear/fixed camera mount from drones vision which I may order next week. I will take shots of the GAUI also tomorrow. Here is the link to the gear/camera mount.  Right now I have the payload mount on the way and will use that until my buddy coughs up some more cash:

Here are some CX4 with the AVROTO motor's mounted. 


 The MK BL2 ESC is all wired up and almost ready to drop in the electronics (adrucopter).


Here are some painted shots of the CX4.  For some reason the front body mount thumb screw is about 3-4mm shy of meeting it's nut on the upper portion of the camera mount body panel..  I guess I will just shim it (body mount lip with nut) with washers, but I would like to know others experiences?? 

I hope to use this CX4 as a prototype to show people what a good multi can do. I will never fly this CX4 in the US, I am moving to Mexico next month!  A lifetime of living in the US (Century City, LA), while still keeping an eye on the world, has left me with a negative feeling about what's going on in the US these days.  Really since 9/11/2011, and I refuse to keep quiet and get in line.  It's a big world, and with the NDAA kicking in 3/1/2012, I am outta here! 

The front body acrew on my CX4 is fine. No problem. Are the top/bottom halves overlapping as they should???

Yes, they are overlapping.  I just don't get it.  There's kind of no way to mount the plates to make the lip closer to the thumb screw..  I am so nuts, I refuse to shim the CX with silver washers so I am waiting to find black ones before I do anything...  

I read and re-read the instructions about a dozen times.  The first couple times I got the plates together, I had to disassemble everything and do it again, because the instructions weren't that clear.  I also had a buddy blabbing in my ear which made me extra frustrated;-)  Any help before I shim it is appreciated (I attached an image of the front lip I am talking about)??  I plan to get the washers this week. 

That looks about right to me, email Droidworx in NZ and see if it's a known issue. They are very helpful.

Well, I didn't have much to do this Christmas, so I picked up a Parrot AR Drone to fly inside.  This toy is actually what got me looking at the market of multis.  A lot of people have been critical of me for choosing Arducopter, but I prefer to work within a community and really liked the potential I saw for Arducopter.  
Getting back the the Parrot AR, well, I had flown over a few fountains with fair luck, so I thought I would try another fountain I had never flown over.  Well, the sonar showed it's weakness in form of cutting all power to the motors, where I landed smack dab in the middle of the spout;-)  Fortunately I had my GoProH2 mounted to the ParrotAR, so that this costly mistake (1 main board, 1 engine $150), wasn't a total loss.
Here is the video of the fountain fail:

Here is the response I got from Droidworx today:
Hi Caleb,

I cant really tell from the pictures but i think you need to place the 2 M3 x 5mm nylon spacers between the front body bracket and rails(see attached) to raise the bracket to its correct position. If you have done this then i will have to have a re-think.
Please let me know if you have any more concerns.

I am gonna add the two nylon washers and I think that will do it.  That looks like the ticket for me:)  
Thanks to Droidworx for a quick support response!

That did it!  The nylon washers were included with the kit, I just couldn't see them in the instructions.  Well, now I have a secure body!

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