like to talk about the changes that are going on in the industry 

how it can be a big road block to business and innovation. seems like the general 

public do not understand the technology, there is still little or no practical safety being 

practiced by new owners! I agree with 90% of what they are saying here but licencing and ban if

your a law barker is also a bit right wing in my opinion ! there is no real reason for this harsh treatment 

towards this technology. 

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I am not a troll this is my post! I do not believe sources known disseminate propaganda , I know a sociological operation when I see one, they always use children to tug on your heart strings. Story is Always hear say never in first person saying what happen to me and mine. They show no proof or first hand witness statements!
Kevin said:

I think I get it OG, you're a troll.

Have a nice day....

OG said:

Story was off the wire it is fake! 1. No mom holding her child saying a drone hit my child in the eye! .

Kevin said:

Kevin said:

Where were they posted? The child story happened Nov 26, 2015 - dozens of news agencies posted it. 
Where is your proof that that story was fake?
I was showing my new FX-79 to a neighbor the other day and he went off on a tangent about outlawing 'drones' since they can be used to down aircraft! They can be used to fly into the windshield of a car causing a crash! They can be used to assassinate our leaders! 
After I got off the floor from laughing I explained that most 'drones' would just disintegrate upon hitting something, BIG drones that cost thousands of dollars may make it through a windshield of a car but why? Evil could just purchase a gun to get the job done! I can't even imagine trying to hit the both intakes of a jet during landing with drones, again, one 50 BMG would do it without an issue.
AMA is like the NRA, they provide safety training, insurance and guidance to clubs. Both are good to join as is EAA for home built aircraft.


OG said:

That Fake drone story was mentioned in the videos on the post aledey and more on YouTube about what really happened! Stop using political propaganda as fact it is not. I do or have to prove any thing to you Sorry. Registration number thing is mute but class G is for every one including kites, prasale, balloons so why don't they need a number?

Sorry OG, there are 5 youtube videos about the tragedy, NONE were about FAKE news of the tragedy, the child lost an eye from an idiot out of control. As far as a post by aledey, there is none on this forum. 
At this point I have to call you out, you won't supply a link since there isn't one. What amazes me is why you're being so stupid? This is a forum to discuss things not rant about stuff that is not true.
I signed up for my registration number when the FAA demanded it just as I follow the rules to fly my plane (most of them) and I feel the FAA needs to deal with the fact that they have piled on 100 years of rules making flying almost impossible for any but the richest amongst us. They seem to be getting a message with the reality that we are running out of pilots for air transport. As it stands I have to ask permission to take off from the military every time I fly and now with my RC planes (FX-79 and Cyclops) I still check to see if they are flying F-16/F-35's around before I fly, I really don't need to think about replacement cost of a F-35......FYI: the MOA I live in is active 0700/2400 mon-fri 0800/1700 sat. and I can fly up to 100 AGL at anytime !  

The drone rules become more and more severe each day. 

Maybe people are just scared of drones dropping on their heads. We know many accidents have happened in history. But still with advanced technology drone flying should be more law friendly.

In some countries, you can't fly a drone higher than 5 meters without a license or a document that grants you the flying. And to get that document you need to go trough all kind of questions.

If we look at guns laws, you can get in the store, buy a gun and go out shooting. So it appears drones are more dangerous than the gun.

Maybe this advanced technology from NASA will make drone license and laws of the drone flying a little bit less controversial.

iSkyMaster said:

Just for laugh... :) Old but still makes me smile.

Make me laugh too :)) thank you

Stray drone is nothing new they rarely just fall out the sky they hover lower and lower then fall! no risk to fingers unless you try to catch it or grab it in flight ! this really common thing when  you have radio interference, low battery, or a warship or sub passes you by ! As for trying to control peoples behavior with laws your wasting your time ! Do not work never has ! WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN IS A DRONE BAN!  there is segment of the population that are stunned so hoped up on legal & illegal drugs the out there mind how law going to get thru to people like this !  testing in your bed room on your bed eazy way to cut some sheets and save your props reck some furniture for sure!)  

the media is so deceptive the talk aboul ISIS teaching it's soldes how to attach mortars and bombs to drones they show DJI phantom product saying first weaponized drone ! when the US military is the first to do this what the hell ????  

iSkyMaster said:

Yes, we need that to get rid of the bad apples.

Last Friday we had a Drone flying event at our local NW Chicago flying club. Although the flying field was jam packed with people with experience flying drones, this young man went to some store, bought an expensive drone, came to our field, took off (from where everyone were standing not from the pit area as required), and we all watched his drone simply drifted away towards highway I-90 as he had no idea what he was doing. He had no AMA insurance either. I ran towards him ask what's going on and he said he can't control. I took over the radio and it was Wifi based drone with like really short range Tx. The drone was long gone beyond radio power.

Even with all this effort of us trying to educate people, this young man didn't ask anyone for any advice and lost his drone, first day, first attempt and we have no idea where it went as it just simply drifted away over the trees and it was kept climbing. Scary isn't it.It was almost size of a DJI drone.

But wait, OG is going to counter argue my comment which I already know lol. I guess not till OG lose few fingers by stray drone he will not stop arguing about drone laws. Those of us who fly drones, as well as RC planes, know from years of experiences how dangerous these drones can be if not handled properly. Hence, yes we need laws to stop idiots from flying drones.

At least 3 times, I have responded to some kids request for help on this site where they have posted a video of their drone malfunctioning and they are testing a F450 Quad inside their bedroom!!!!!.

Do you really want these people to fly in metro cities, public beaches, school yards.. :)

Alex said:

The drone rules become more and more severe each day. 

Another bull proposal from Canadian aviation, department of transportation ! Amounts to extortion, transport canada have lost their minds !!! vote hell no to this crap!

NOW THE UK ! with this dumb rules ! we should get together as community and make or own rules and demand these countries adopt our rules ! international drone lobby is needed !

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