Okay guys heres the what's going on. I'm looking to rent a drone off Fat Lama, people are renting out a variety of drones. Theres the Mavric Pro, the phantom 4, the inspire 1 v2 and a few of the parrot drones. I've used the phantom 4 before, its epic. But i've never used it skiing. Are any of these drones able to follow you, so when I'm skiing down the slopes I want to able to ski down and have the drone film me from behind as its chasing me down the mountain. Can any of them do this? Any thoughts would be awesome. Only using it for a week in Feb hence i'm not buying. Any recommendations would be awesome. 

Aslo, what are the regulations when skiing. I was told that some ski resorts don't let you take drones up the mountain. What about if its quite remote? Off-piste?

Cheers, Ben.

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Solo is clearly best, with Solex app and optical follow, i don't know about regulations in your country.

Hmm interesting, never even heard of the solo. What's the difference between that and say the phantom 4?

Ever heard of the AirDog Auto-Follow Drone?

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