This package will include the following:

1: Altimeter MicroSensor V4 
1: Guardian Stabilization Module for OSD Pro
1: Complete OSD Pro System w/GPS 
1: EagleEyes FPV Station 
1: Male RCA to Servo Connector Adaptor 
1: Clear case for FPV station
1: USB mini-cable 
1: snap on Ferrite choke complete 

you can find and purchase this item at:

This equipment is fantastic, if you are looking todo any type of long range FPV (first person view) this is definitely the ultimate system. No matter what it is short range to long range flight. High or low this thing can handle everything. I purchased the product thinking I wanted a system that would need to be used with an analog system. Eagle Tree systems allows for your signal to be imbedded w/ your video transmission. I didn't have a video Tx and Rx at the time so I decided to put it aside for a while. Here I am nine months later it has been sitting here in a water tight case doing nothing. Below is all the specifications. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

Altimeter MicroSensor V4- what it does:

The Altimeter is a precision instrument that uses barometric pressure to measure altitude, just as full sized planes do. Advanced temperature compensation and factory calibration ensure the best possible accuracy, with no user calibration required. When used 
standalone, the Altimeter displays your maximum altitude on the built-in 7 segment LED display. The maximum altitude continues to be 
updated and displayed on the LED, until you turn power off and on the MicroSensor. When power is turned off and on, the maximum 
altitude from the last flight is displayed, and now the MicroSensor is ready to record your next maximum altitude (even if it is lower than the 
previous maximum altitude). Additionally, the Altimeter can be connected to your eLogger V4 or V3 to provide altitude data for your entire flight, and can even be used in your own microcontroller/firmware project. 

When connected to the eLogger, altitude data can be can be downloaded, displayed and graphed using the eLogger’s Windows software 
INSTALLING INTO YOUR MODEL: The Altimeter can be mounted anywhere in the model. If you wish to read the LED without removing the wing or panel, a small rectangular hole can be cut at the mounting location of the circuit board, and the board mounted with tape or Velcro, so that the LED is visible at all times. NOTE: If your airframe uses a “ram-air” intake into its cockpit area for cooling or other purposes, the pressure increase 
can cause a slightly lower reported altitude. To mitigate this, do not expose the Altimeter V4 to direct airflow or place it in a “ram-air” 
chamber. Also, to reduce additional error, do not mount the Altimeter V4 anywhere it will be exposed to rapid temperature changes during 
the flight. 

Further, if the sensor will be installed in a location where the sensing element (the small rectangular metal or plastic part next to 
the LED) will be exposed to direct sunlight, please cover that area of the sensor with black tape – direct sunlight can sometimes cause the 
readings to vary.

Guardian Stabilization Module for OSD Pro- what it does:

Feather-light and about the size of a postage stamp, the inertial sensor based Guardian stabilization expander provides world class stabilization to your fixed wing or elevon model airplane when coupled with our OSD Pro. It’s a “Guardian Eagle” for your model!

To stabilize your model, just mount the Guardian in a level orientation, plug it into your OSD Pro, do some minimal setup, and away you go. Stabilization gain can be controlled via an extra knob on your radio (via the OSD Pro’s Aux2 port), so you can tune or turn off stabilization as you fly! The Guardian also provides an Artificial Horizon Indicator (AHI) on your OSD Pro screen, and supports both standard and elevon fixed wing models.

Complete OSD Pro System W/GPS- what it does:

The OSD Pro is the ultimate on-screen display foryour FPV (First Person View) equipped recreational model airplane, heli, car orboat! The OSD Pro displays all the key information about your model’s status,and has many advanced features such as voice alerts, high resolutionraster graphics, a new “RADAR” synthetic map, “Return to Home,” ArtificalHorizon display, Acoustic Variometer, and waypoints within visualrange. Modularity: If we come out with a newer version of one of the OSD Pro components, you only need to upgrade that component to have the latest and greatest system, rather than having to replace your entire OSD system when a new one comes along. Easy setup: The OSD Pro is easy to configure exactly like you want it, with the included software.

· · Expandability: EagleTree offers myriad sensors that are fully compatible with the OSD Pro. Since wemake these sensors ourselves, you're guaranteed that they will be plug andplay, with no soldering, finger pointing, or headaches.

Powerful features: TheOSD Pro offers advanced features, such asVoice Alerts, Programmable Alarms, "RADAR" synthetic map,"Return to Home", RSSI and multiple battery voltage displays,built-in Flight Simulator for setup testing,Artifical Horizon display, acousticvariometer, waypoints, full Data Logging with GoogleEarth and graphing with ourpowerful software. EagleEyes FPV Station- what it does: Receiver Diversity - when youconnect two NTSC or PAL audio/video receivers (of any frequency),the EagleEyes picks the better signal at any given time, which can greatlyreduce video fades and improve your FPV experience. A variety of diversitysettings are configurable with the on-board switches and LED indicators. Antenna Tracking - whencoupled with our OSD Pro airborne system, the EagleEyes is the heart of afull-featured pan/tilt antenna tracker. Powerful, flexible, and easy to use PCsoftware and onscreen menus are provided for calibrating the EagleEyes towork flawlessly with the tracker of your choice. 

The built-in regulator driveseven large pan/tilt servos, with no need for an external BEC. Telemetry - When coupledwith our OSD Pro airborne system, all Eagle Tree data (not just GPS position)are transmitted to your laptop, via your video transmitter and the EagleEyesUSB port (separate USB cable required). Your flight can then be graphedand displayed with our powerful software, or visualized (either in realtime or after your flight) with Google Earth! A “no telemetry” alarm (four beeps)can be turned on to indicate loss of telemetry. Four Channel A/VDistribution - Ever wish you had more video/audio outputs? The EagleEyes hasfour built-in outputs! Programmable Low VoltageAlarm - You can program a low voltage alarm (two beeps), which alerts you whenyour ground station battery is below your chosen voltage.

Eagle Tree FPV station:

Integrates four of the main components you needfor model airplane FPV on the ground, at a cost that's lower than many of theindividual components presently available!

Receiver Diversity:

when you connect twoNTSC or PAL audio/video receivers (of any frequency), the EagleEyesTM picksthe better signal at any giventime, which can greatly reduce video fades and improve your FPV experience! Avariety of diversity settings are configurable with the on-board switches andLED indicators.
* Antenna Tracking - Is your video transmittersuffering from low range? When coupled with the OSD Pro the EagleEyesTM isthe heart of a full-featured pan/tilt antenna tracker. Powerful, easy to use PCsoftware and on-screen menus are provided for adjusting the EagleEyesTM towork flawlessly with the tracker of your choice. An exclusive to Eagle Tree,multiple pan points can be calibrated, resulting in greater panning accuracyeven if your pan servos are somewhat nonlinear. The built-in regulator driveseven large pan/tilt servos, with no need for an external BEC.


When coupled with theOSD Pro all Eagle Tree data (not just GPS position) aretransmitted to your laptop, via your video transmitter and the EagleEyesTM USB port(separate USB cable required). Your model's flight can then be graphed anddisplayed with our powerful software, or visualized (either in real time orafter your flight) with Google Earth! With the EagleEyesTM,telemetry is embedded invisibly in the video, rather than in the audio channel.We chose video telemtry because it is much more reliable and faster than audiotelemetry, and audio telemetry takes up your audio channel, so you can't hearmotor sounds, OSD Pro voice prompts, etc.

Four Channel A/V Distribution:

Ever wish you had morevideo/audio outputs? The EagleEyesTM hasfour built-in outputs!

Programmable Low Voltage Alarm:

How is your groundstation battery doing? Now you can program a low voltage alarm buzzer, whichalerts you when your battery is below your chosen voltage. The buzzer can alsobe programmed to alert for other conditions, such as poor telemetry signal.

Two video inputs:

NTSC/PAL, using your video receivers ofanyfrequency.Video Input 2 is adjustable to match Video Input 1. Note that onlyone input needs to be used, if you are notusing the Diversity feature.

Two audio inputs:

Two monaural audioinputs are supported. Audio Input 2 is adjustable to match Audio Input 1.Note that only one input needs to be used, if you are not using the Diversityfeature.

Four A/V outputs:

Four video outputs (75ohm) and four "line level" audio outputs

Power Input:

Power input rangeapproximately 6V to 14V. Barrel style power input with standard 2mm center pin. 

Two Servo Outputs for pan and tilt trackers:

Unit is capabable of delivering 5A burst output to drive evenlarge pan/tilt servos.

USB Port for connecting to PC:

for live PC display oftelemetry and firmware update. Note: A standard USB "Mini-B" cable isrequired for these features, but not included.

Case Included:

The EagleEyes now includes a clear plastic case. The case canbe used with or without the top portion. The bottom portion includes"screw bosses" for rigidly mounting the EagleEyes to your groundstation or tracker, and the top portion includes an internal snap mount for thePowerPanel LCD. This information is very rough, if you need advanced information or any technical assistance with deciding what you need please contact me. 

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