I'm flying a DJI Flamewheel 550 with a APM 2.0, it's flying very nice. and using the DJI esc's and engines.

Sometimes in flight one engine is quitting the job. Only for half a second and then back to work.

Just enough time to recover :) The hardware seems ok, i checked the connections of the esc and the motor connections .. Is it possible thats it a software issue? 

The problem occurs sometimes in hover and also when flying a bit rough ...

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I've had motor hiccups on my 3dr hexa twice so far that have resulted in crashes.  It was in stabilize mode.  I'm using a dx7 controller.  I'll look at the replies here to see if they help.  Just wanted to say i was having the same issues.


     Ok thanks.  I'd very much like to see logs and/or videos if you have them or can get them.


     Ok, I had to look up what the timing mode thing meant..but I guess i have seen that setting on ESCs and I think it has something to do with when the pulses are sent from the ESC to the motor.  In this case with the engine hiccups..generally people seem to think something has happened with version 2.7 of arducopter that has caused some pulsing of the motors...so my guess is it's unrelated.

ok Randy, thanks for the guidance on what things to do!

Yes it's my video, will do what you ask!

Rain has set back in here, so will report back asap...


Randy, I've done part, very windy here so need a calmer day to do any meaningful flight tests!

So far:

Arducopter v2.71 test

X Quad 0.8m between opposite motors
motors Hextronic D750, Props 10 X 4.5 carbon reinforced.
APM2, Ublox gps, EZ0 sonar rc filter, shielded cable, anti vibe mounting, minimum separation from ESC's 150mm
esc's 30amp, reflashed with RapidESC Firmware.

Radio uhf OpenLRS at 433mHz
Firmware V2.71 fresh install via MP
eeprom erase and factory reset
Full recalibration
throttle modified from 130   1000, to 130  850
manual dec -2.42
dataflash cleared


video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyhsuqxHpVI&feature=youtu.be

Log attached...

Have added a ch6 cable and programmed as you say, will need to test that when the wind drops off a bit, maybe tomorrow!

As for ideas, Gently lifting the quad off the ground I thought would allow the quad to point to whatever direction it wanted to, it didn't make any difference. Which might suggest that yaw issues isn't the problem. Actually the surging is pretty bad now, which will at least hopefully make it easier to pinpoint.



Managed to get out for a quick flight.

ch6 enabled
dataFlash cleared
Bad surging throughout, Stab and Alt_hold tried

first flight lasted 1 to 2 minutes, hardly off the ground, low batt.(I say this because no doubt logs were created.)

Second flight fresh batt. Stab mode hover at about 4~5 ft, couple minutes, change to alt hold about 2 minutes.
Think stab again, 2 mins, alt hold then adjust ch6 slightly while in air, total time about 4 mins.

This created a load of dataFlash logs, Have attached all, hope you can make sense of them, I can read them here but not sure what to look for exactly...



joo, i found the problem! :)

all my engines (stock engines and esc's) from the Naza Flamewheel s-550 had problems with the esc connectors.

the trick was, i put a drop of soldeer on the tip of the engine connectors and now the problems are disappeared :)

see circle where i put the soldeer.

(don't put to much on it, or the wont fit anymore) :)



    Wow.  I would not have guessed that actually.  So I guess the little round bit at the top was too loose.  fantastic that you figured out the cause!

More flying today, stab, alt_hold, loiter, circle.

Reduced rate p 0.180 to 0.150 no noticeable change

Surging motors. Loiter accuracy best ever!

attached logs, only odd thing i could see was a huge difference between yaw-in and yaw.


I find those springy metal things start to flatten out and lose their spring and then the connection is loose and unreliable.  I've taken an xacto and put a hump back in them before, but always wondered if they might just break one day due to fatigue.

Oh no... here we go again with bullet connectors failure/issues... 

and people still ask why I always recommend to remove them and solder directly the wires? 

Yes it only happen to some people but really why take the chance? 

It is one failure point easy to fix, direct solder!

Ok yours did not cause a crash that costed you a lot and you were able to isolate and see/fix the issue. But I am sure a lot of strange behaviors/crash/flips are due to these getting slightly loose cause either a micro surge or a massive flip.  

Overall I am glad for you that you got it sorted out.  Now go have fun!



During my first flight check I was lucky and noticed issues with the 3mm bullet connectors. Here's what I did.

I tinned the connectors with solder.   It's a tight fit, but it works.

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