Hello, I am relatively new to this ArduStation. I attempted to upload the Ardustation demo program using the ftdi cable, but i recieve the error:

avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00
avrdude: stk500_disable(): protocol error, expect=0x14, resp=0x51

Any help/ suggestions would be appreciated to help me get this thing up and running.

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I did find a way to send the log to the unit.

I use Realterm, use the xbee from my plane. I use the FTDI cable to this xbee.

I set it up to send the tlog file. You must set up the com port first, then use the send tab, select the file.

seems to work good for me.

Well enough to find out my tilt servo needs to be reversed. Is there a easy way to do this in software.





That is very cool - I'll have to try that myself.

For reversing the tilt servo, I believe you can change the code in antenna.pde as such:

Old code:

Pan.write(Bearing_Home); //180-(Bearing_Home/2.0));
Constrain_Angle_Home = constrain(Angle_Home,0,90);
Constrain_Angle_Home = 90-Constrain_Angle_Home;

New code:

Pan.write(Bearing_Home); //180-(Bearing_Home/2.0));
Constrain_Angle_Home = constrain(Angle_Home,0,90);
// Constrain_Angle_Home = 90-Constrain_Angle_Home; // For servo reversal

This should reverse the tilt servo value - although if the range of the servo is different, there may need to be some adjustment to the calibration (in Arustation2.pde) or offset values later in the function.



Thanks, that did it with no trouble at all.

I had all ready added some tilt and pan displays to the lcd to see what was going on, but just comment out one line and it was fixed.

I still am fine tuning the numbers for the servos, but should have that soon.

Have you done any work on slowing down the pan movement when it goes over 180 degress, or from 0 back to 180? I hate how fast it moves at that point, I know I want it tracking fast, but on my setup it's going to strip gears.

I was think of adding reading last value send to servo, and if more then 10 degress, make it 10 degress.


Burt Green

Glad that worked for you.  No I hadn't thought of slowing down the reset - but that is a really good idea. Having a bit of  a filter on the rate of change sounds good.  If you want to try it go for it - as I'm working on some other stuff and I can merge it into 2.0.16 - assuming we have ram - but I'm working on that also.



I’ve been working on buffering the movement of my tracker and found this, which works great.

VarSpeedServo Library.

I found a few places that talk about it, but only one that seems to have the download link.


It's in post #14.

I made the few changes need in the code and seems to work great now.

I had to add the speed variable, and now it it moves from 360 to 0 degrees, it does it in about 1.5 seconds and doesn’t over shoot and jump the gear on my tracker.

My tracker uses a 180 degree servo to move a full 360, With the gearing it has a 180 degree moves the tracker about 420 degrees so I had to had a reducing value and have a full 360 tracker working off your software.

So far the only problem I still have is on startup when it uses the attach servo, the tracker rotates very fast, but got a workaround. I found that on the attach servo it wants to move the servo to the 90 degree position. I place a message on the screen that it's going to move, (remind me to do something) move the tracker manually to the south position. No more fast HARD movement.

Hope you can use the info.

Burt Green


Thanks Burt for the info.


Hello all,

I just completed my Ardustation. First I found that I get no symbology on the LCD unless I rotate it 180 degrees from the orientation described in the wiki. The LCD works if it is above the main board rather on top of it next to the buttons. In the Wiki described orientation the LCD is not powered.

Next I was able to program the chip using an FTDI cable without errors (Arduino 1.0.1 and Ardustation2_APM_ACM_2.0.15_Mavlink1.0) . I also was able to program the chip using an Arduino UNO without errors. BUT always when I power up the Ardustation I get only the squares displayed on the LCD. This occurs no matter the power source - FTDI or via the DC power jack. I was able to load an old version of Ardustation that would make the buttons beep using arduino-0022-relaxpatch, but still only boxes on the LCD. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


Well sure as ...... as soon as one puts something up on the forum one manages to solve his/her problem. So sorry about the confusion. I reoriented the LCD as per the wiki and readjusted the LCD bright/contrast pots and all is well... one of those things!


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