Im having trouble with my fail safe set-up

For the fail safe I have already set-up, the short fail safe is for the plane to circle after 1.5 seconds of communication lost, and the long fail safe is for the plane to RTL after 30 seconds of communication lost.  I am wondering what happens if connection is never regained after the long fail safe.  

Does the plane loiter until the plane runs out of battery?  If so, is there a parameter I can set-up so the plane autonomously terminates after a certain amount of time? 

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Im using a Pixhawk with Mission Planner as the ground station. I know now that it what Im asking is impossible with the Pixhawk.

iSkyMaster said:

ok I re read your issue and I do have few questions for you.

1. So when you say communication lost, you mean radio transmitter signal loss or telemetry signal loss?

2. In Pixhawk when you lose radio transmitter signal loss and if you are in auto mode (if you set it that way), it will continue the mission regardless. We fly under the assumption always that the end point of way point is close to launch site therefore you regain radio communication again.

Anyhow as I don't know your full configuration and it appears you know what you are doing, read this article. It may be helpful. 

Thank you for responding.  The rules for this portion of the competition were very poorly written.  They never specified what they meant by communication lost, so I have to assume communication lost is both radio and telemetry signal lost.

I have read the article, and when you initiate the advance failsafe parameters, it disables the normal fail safe.  As a result, I have to pick whether to have the platform to RTL after a certain amount of time or terminate flight.  I can not have them both set-up.

I now know that it is impossible to do what I what I originally asked. Thanks again for the help.

If you're not able to regain connection with the plane it will loiter over the home location after the mission until the battery runs out, whereupon it will descend in it's loiter pattern until it lands/crashes, normally the ESC will eventually cutoff and there should be enough battery for the control surfaces, the battery will probably be damaged though.

If you have telemetry you can setup an autoland, but it's good to practise beforehand. I had to do one at 3am one night in the middle of the African bush when the radio refused to re-bind with the plane when it returned from a mission.

There is no terminate parameter.

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