Just upgraded to a gps/compass combination and don't use this anymore. Comes with cable as shown.

$55.00 shipped

I have over a 300 100% positive feedback on EBay.

PM if interested, I accept Paypal(confirmed address only). Lower 48 US only.

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Do you still have some for sale?


I have one left for sale still if your interested, let me know.


I am interested but will need direction on how to purchase.


I accept Paypal for payments, I can send you an invoice through Paypal and I would need just your email address. I can also list this on EBay as well if your more comfortable with that. I have over a 360 100% positive feedback

I'm ok with the invoice thru paypal. My email is hemicrobus@cs.com

Okay, invoice sent, the one with the 0.00 is an error, thanks

Thank You, I will be getting this packaged up asap and you will receive a tracking number for it. Thanks again

Was that your last one?


I just checked as I thought I had a second one and I do not.



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