Hi there!

I found a quadframe with motors and just wanted your input on what i should pay for it. If it's any good at all.

Aircraft 450 CNC Metal MultiRotor Quadcopter Frame 4-axis W/Propeller + Motor

Comes with: 

propeller : 10"(1038) 4 pcs
motor: ST3512 910KV 4 sets

Brand New

Built from strong, lightweight aluminium alloy material.

Empty Weight650g

I would really appreciate your input since im new at this.


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Since i'm new to this and i would really appreciate your input. Is $300 to much for this quad w/o electronics?

For the price, I'd just get one of the jdrones or 3RD quads which are the base for all the default settings and code testing. The frame+motor version of those kits are pretty much the same price.

Ok Thanks. I'll probably do that.

unless is really big, there is no need to make it out of alluminum, so I would say it's too heavy

They make one in carbon fibre also. The frame is ~$80 i think.


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