I'm selling my HobbyKing 4B6 charger because I picked up a different charger with an integrated power supply so don't have as much to haul around. The blue backlight on the display for the second port works intermittently (display still readable without backlight and it doesn't affect the charging). Other than that everything is fully functional and includes all original accessories like the charging leads, balance adapter boards, and manual.

New they are about $105 with shipping from China. You can find out everything about the charger on HobbyKing. The price is $60 $50 $40 and I'll cover flat rate USPS delivery. If you want different shipping at buyer's cost it will ship from zip code 75218 in the United States. A photo of the unit taken the day of this post is attached. PayPal is my preferred method of payment. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

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The price has been reduced. The charger is available until posted otherwise.

Hi Luke,

Does this include the power supply?



No power supply is included for $50, but I would consider selling the power supply separately. I have an Alinco DM-330MV power supply and would do $200 for the pair. The power supply has enough to juice to power the HK4B6 and another charger (or two). I have the original boxes and everything that came with both.


I cannot see in your pic or HobbyKing's but what type of connector is on the wires for the supply power?


I have a single battery charger and it is fine but takes a long time to charge 4 batteries so a 4 battery charger would save me some time when I'm finish flying or preparing to go.

I'm also interested in something that can charge four batteries quickly in the field. I have a car adapter for my current charger but I never have a charged battery after the fourth battery is spent so I usually go home.

My current charger won't go above 3 amps.


We are close, I'm in Houston.


The charger has your typical banana plugs for the power source. I would need to check the box at home but I think the charger has large clamps with banana plugs on them so you can power it from a car battery. The Alinco power supply has lots of outputs including the banana plug style like the charger uses. The charger will do up to 5 amps per battery and all can run concurrently with the right power supply. I'm able to charge four 2,800 mAh batteries in 20-25 minutes.

I can't do $200 for both. I see a new power supply is $154.00. (not at Frys)

I like Frys as they have a great selection but their prices always higher.


Your best price for the charger is $50?


I won't go any lower than $50 for the charger. That's less than half what it would cost you to get one from HobbyKing right now. If you're interested in the power supply too I can come down a little.

HobbyKing has it for $77 out of the US warehouse but I understand your position.

I have to do something, better charger and power supply or buy more batteries? lol

I will think about it.



With the cheapest shipping option and the US warehouse the total is still $89.50 from what I can see. If you're looking for a four port charger you won't find one cheaper than this. :)

Price updated again.

I'm still interested, just trying to source a power supply for it.


consider it sold. Send me where you want me to send the paypal.


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