Hi everyone,

I've created over 970 tracks of music that you can freely use in your videos. It's all original...all my own work. All I ask is to be credited as indicated on my homepage.


I'm a huge fan of drone videos and so it's always a treat when I hear my music in them! [​IMG]

Anyhow, I sincerely hope my tracks are helpful. Any and all feedback is welcome and always appreciated.

All the best,


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More new free tracks for everyone:

On the Action 2 page, we have:  
"Guitar Mayhem 7" (Looping)

Another one for drone videos on the Events/Travel 2 Page:
"Flying Over Lost Worlds"

On the Funny 3 page, we have:
"The Sewer Rat Puzzle Game" (Looping)

On the Dark/Ominous Page, we have:
"The Rise of the Mech Beings" (Looping)

And on the Sci-Fi 5 Page,
"Fourth Sector"

Have a good week!

Hi everyone,

I've been super busy with film projects, but I did manage to create a few new free tracks for everyone. They are on my Action 2 page:

"Captain Bad Ass" (looping)
"Captain Bad Ass 2" (looping)
"Captain Bad Ass 3" (looping)

These might be fun in some kind of gritty action game or story. Mix and match them. Edit as needed. Be a bad ass!  ;-)

Have a great week!

Well, it's been another very hectic week, but I managed to get a few more tracks done.

Where I live, the summers are very long (and hot) and I see the stores already putting out the Halloween stuff. I think everyone around here is really over summer and just wishes fall were here. So, in the spirit of fall (well, really of Halloween) I've created:

"Trancyvania_v001" (looping)
"Trancyvania_v002" (looping)
"Trancyvania_v003" (looping)
"Trancyvania_v004" (looping)

I'd love to hear these in a video or game.


Here are this week's newest tracks:

"Cool Puzzler" (looping)

"Space Monsters with Extra Cheese" (looping)

"Guitar Mayhem 8" (looping)
"Guitar Mayhem 9" (looping)

Have a good week!

I'd love to see a listing of your music, arranged by length of play, Eric. 

Hey John, I list the length of my tracks at the end of the their descriptions but I make it a point not to categorize tracks by length because I think it makes it too easy to disqualify a track (or, worse, not even give it a listen) simply based of it's length when, in fact, that track might be perfect for your video. Better to repeat the track (the looping ones work well for this)...or even better: edit the video to fit the track. I do this all the time with my own videos and it really pays off. :-)


It's been a busy couple of weeks (and summer come to think of it) but I did manage to get a few new tracks done for everyone...they are on my Fantasy 7 page and my Sci-Fi 5 page:

"Winter Fantasy" (looping)
"Dreamy Contemplation" (looping)

"Alien Skies" (looping)

I hope everyone's having a good week!

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