FS: Full Arducopter w/ Hitec Aurora 9 and many extras

Last Spring I built an Arducopter for a project and have put a large amount of time and money into this thing. I have flown it but I believe there are some weak motor/esc connections that should be fixed, as well as a cracked plastic motor mount. This will also need to have the software updated. However, as you can see in the pictures, there are many extras included. The metal parts of the quad were cut on a water jet CNC at a local machine shop.

-Assembled Arducopter (metal and plastic parts). w/ ArduPilot mega and IMU shield.
-Aurora 9 w/ 9, 7 and 6 channel receivers.
-Wireless RX/TX video system (0.9 GHZ)
-Extra plastic and metal frame parts
-extra props (push and pull)
-3x LiPo batteries (2x 3300 mAh, 1x 5000mAh)
-Passport LiPo charger
-spare E-Flite 20 amp ESC
-spare jdrones motor
-DIYDrones magnetometer

probably more… Most everything is in the pictures.

Please ask for more details. I haven't done much with it for a few months due to a new job and finishing school so I'm sure I am forgetting some details.

Asking $1500, but will consider reasonable offers.

Please feel free to ask for more details/photos. For those who are able I would also be able to meet locally (Seattle/Tacoma, Washington).

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Would you sell the aurora 9 seperate?



I will sell the controller (with the extra receivers) separately.  Message me an offer.


email me at seprice40 (at) gmail.com

Hey would you sell me the Wireless RX/TX video system (0.9 GHZ) separate?

Yes I would...how much are you thinking? PM me. Sorry bout the delayed response as well.

how much of this is left? will you ship internationally?


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