Futaba 14SG and Mission planner 6 Mode Programming

Hi All,

I originally posted a question here for others to see if anyone knows how to program the Futaba 14SG radio flip switches where all 6 flight modes available in Mission Planner can be used. I have seen several videos related to this topic for other radios but none for 14SG.

After reading all kinds of articles etc. I have figured it out how to do that, so here are the instructions.



1. Power on your radio.
2. Make sure your Ardupilot, Pixhawk etc. is connected to mission planner via USB and connect to it.
3. Inside mission planner, go to "Initial Setup Screen" and than select Flight modes.
4. On your Futaba radio if you are using default drone settings when you selected your model, the switch "SE" on your radio would most likely allow you to go between Flight mode 1, 3 and 6. if that is not the case, find the switch which is allowing you to switch between three flight modes or any.
5. What we are trying to accomplish here is how to program any other switch on the radio so it can be programmed to select flight mode 2, 4 and 5. Not a single radio in the market has a 6 position switch, therefore we have to get creative here.
6. To accomplish that there is only one possible solution, that is to make one other switch on the radio designated as "Master" switch (2 position switch) and make default switch "SE" (3-position switch) as slave.

In my example, I am going to make switch "SF" as my "Master Switch", and Switch "SE" as my slave switch.

In layman terms, For example;

a) When switch SF in up position and you toggle SE switch, it will give you flight modes 2, 4 and 6.
b) When switch SF is in down position and you toggle SE switch, it will give you flight modes 1, 3, 5

Makes sense right? Now if you are clear on the concept, lets program the radio to accomplish the above master slave configuration.

i) Double click on "Link" from home screen, and than select "End Point".
ii) You need go to page 2/3 by either scrolling or clicking on S1 and you ill see;

END POINT                                      2/3

5 MODE 135    100        100   135
6 TILT     135    100        100   135
7 PAN    135    100        100   135
8 REC    135    100        100   135

The above are default values assigned by Futaba. If you have selected DRONE as your model type initially in Futaba 14SG, by default the "MODE" means its controlling the "SE" switch.

Now change the values to the following:

END POINT                                      2/3


5 MODE 135    67           72   135
6 TILT     135    100        100   135
7 PAN    135    100        100   135
8 REC    135    100        100   135

p.s: By changing the above values, what you have done is that you have changed the predefined PWM values assigned by Futaba for SE switch positions 1, 2 and 3 to a different values. As you perform the above step, you will see in real time inside Mission Planner that the previously assigned flight mode, for example for position 1 have changed.

iii) Click the "Home/Exit" button to get out of this mode.
iv) Now double click on "MDL", scroll down and select "PROG. MIX"

You will see something like this

PROG. MIX     

     1 INH: AIL -> ELE
     2 INH: AIL -> ELE
     3 INH: AIL -> ELE
     4 INH: AIL -> ELE
     5 INH: AIL -> ELE

Select the first one so we can program it, (if it is not used) "or" else pick any other.

v) Once selected, go to page 2 first by clicking "S1" and make this screen look like this by changing all the values.

PRO. MIX    2/2
#1           ACT OFF                   SF

MASTER        SF

SLAVE           MODE                 +

vi) Press "S1" again to go to page 1/2 and change values of x and y and your screen should look like this.

PROG. MIX                  1/2                           

#1                             >  +0           
OFF                          >  +0 

  SF                                  |--+--+--]
    |                          OFFS           
    MODE                  X   +25        
  LINEAR                  Y   +25


As explained previously, what we have accomplished here is that we made SF as the Master switch and "Mode" as the salve.

Also by changing the X Y values, we have reprogrammed the predefined PWN values of switch "SE" to change depending upon the position of switch "SF". 

We are DONE!


1. Put the SF switch in up position and now toggle the SE switch. Inside mission planner you will see that it will to toggle between 2, 4, 6

2. Put the SF switch in down position and now toggle between SE switch. Inside the mission planner you will see that it will toggle between 1, 3 and 5.

I would strongly suggest that once you assign what flight modes you want, write them down a paper and take it with you to the flying field as handy cheat sheet.

REMEMBER - Always have RTL programmed as it is your best friend as one of the flight modes. I would set Flight mode 5 and 6 to be RTL. This way if you forget during flight if Master needs to be up or down to get to RTL, you just push SE switch all the way down to get your drone back to launch position :)

Have fun! :) Any questions, let me know.

My Flight Mode Demo

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There has to be one person out there knows how to do this? anyone?


Thanks but I managed to figured it out just today :)

I will update the discussion with proper instructions for others to use it.

Thanks for your help.

Dexter W said:

From their website, instructions can be found. Here is the LINK. It may not have the 14sg specifically, but the 8FG is its predecessor and programming is exactly the same. Hopefully that helps.

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