I become a member here since I found that the UAV´s and my project shares a lot. I´m working on a turbine powered VTOL vehicle since few years. 

It will never reach the same flight performance as your UAV´s, it should start, land and stabilize itself safely.

The position control for steering, the auto-level and manual mode will be handled by ardupilot - that´s a fact. Now I trying to find a safe implementation of the engine live-data provided provided by the ECU to the ardupilot/telemetry. The engine is controlled by a ProJet Hornet 2.0 system and the data terminal output seems to be I2C (into RS232)

Is anybody out there who already managed to pick the paramenters directly from similar turbine ECU - system and successful sent it to the PC (or laptop)?? I know, there are few ready-to-go systems available on the market but I always need to watch my weight to make the vertical lift off possible. 

That´s the PC suite I´m using when I make some noise :) :

Many thanks in advance!

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