Hey all,

So, I'm running into a frustrating issue here. I don't have that much experience with wiring up motors so please do forgive me if I've made some sort of very dumb mistake. 

Right now, I have an FX79 Buffalo fixed wing platform that I'm attempting to use as a crop mapping drone. I'm going to be using Raspberry Pi cameras and a 3d printed gimbal to stabilize the dual camera system. 

I'm trying to use the PIXHAWK2 to run the gimbal motors via AUX motor output (which it's supposed to be able to do) - however two sets of gimbal motors ( now using this set) when connected don't seem to really do anything. They "tense" up and become EXTREMELY hot even though they don't appear to be doing anything at all. However they're getting so hot after about 5 mins that I'm afraid to leave them plugged in. 

I have two wing control 5V servos (emax es08ma ii) that are connected and run perfectly. My current setup is as follows: 

10C/20C 5200mAh -> 3DR power module (pixhawk power1 port from here) -> ESC -> motor. 

Then the motor has a BEC that comes back to the Pixhawk to provide power and accept control input. Then the motors connect and receive power when the motor power is connected. 

So I'm really confused as to what the heck is going on here. Ideas? 

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By the looks of it, those motors don't have a built-in ESC. You can't just connect them to a PWM output the way you would to a servo. They need a motor controller!

Okay...that makes a lot of sense. What kind of product would I be looking for? Thank you. 

You just need to add a small ESC for each motor. 


something like this? also I have a STORM32 that I Was hoping to avoid using...is that an easier way to go about this? 

That's too small -- it's just for a 1-cell (3.6v) battery. Something like this would be better: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/hobbyking-6a-esc-0-5a-ubec.html

But yes, a Storm 32 is also good. You just want want to bypass the internal IMU and just use it as a motor controller with external input. 

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