GS407 U-Blox5 GPS 4Hz (New Antenna & Free uBlox Adapter Basic)

 It's new and never powered up.   Won't be using it.

Open to offers, +shipping.  Ship worldwide.

Below is the item I purchased, and selling.

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Is there no market for this, it's still in the store?

Give me a week and I'll buy it off of you. Just in the middle of my build right now

Great, you have a deal, we should decide on a price.

Are you still selling the GPS I am ready to grab that off ya

@ Harrison.   I have the same setup for sale, if the above item is not available anymore.  It's already setup for APM use.

Yes, was waiting for your email.   Sorry, had a problem with my mail server.  Got behind a day.

Send me a pm with the price when you get a chance please


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