Help please about Arducopter3DR mounting ESC and other

I'm Paolo

Hi all and greetings from Italy.

Please be patient if i'm doing stupid question but i've started to build a Quadcopter based as frame, to Arducopter 3DR and i've got many doubts as it usually has a beginners.

As you know there is a PDB (power distribution board) in the kit frame and i would like more info to be sure to connect the esc correctly.

In the PDB i've soldered a cross of female dean connector and headers like this photo:

Ok .

The ESC has three wires to connect to the motors, each red and black wires in the opposite i have to connect to each dean connector right? (themselves take power from the battery), the ESC flat connector goes to RX directly or to the headers near female Dean connector? If goes directly to RX what is the use the headers?

I read in other forums that when you connect  2 or more ESC with BEC is necessary to cut the red wire of the flat 3 cable of all except one to have a parallel connection, but it is so also for this PDB?

Where i have to connect this two cables (after i have soldered the wires) please?

The last question please:

What are these additional small (the big is ok) holes marked + and - ?

Thanks for all

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