Hi all,

I was one of the early users of jDrones and APM, but I had some personal problems and didn't do anything for years.

Now I'm back but I've seen that everything changed.

ArduCopter doesn't run anymore on APM, the only thing I've seen still running on APM is ArduRover, but not supported anymore.

I've APM 2.0... still something I can do with it? Or shall I put everything in the trashcan and start from scratch?



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uble as before, but Pixhawk and more modern hardware can du EKF, EKF2 and much more logging, and have more sensors. 

For really good safety , I would not fly APM just because of that.

I am in the same boat with APM 2.5 and 2.6 so best to bin the lot and start again?


Yes,same for APM2.x
Thanks :-)



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