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I am sick of using lithium polymer batteries lately. After using a battery for one month, it discharges faster then before. Also, while recharging it, I need to stay close to it for safety reasons (overheat, overcharge, explosions: as recommended on many blogs). And finally, each time the voltage on one of the cells drops below a certain threshold, I throw away the battery (NimH charging is damaging the batteries).

Do you have any suggestion other than LiPo batteries? If no, what should I do to prevent all of these issues?



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Get a better charger! I would recommend using an Icharger, 308DUO or 410DUO would do the job.

So those chargers will help me prevent throwing away batteries? Aren't they a bit too expensive?

Well it will save you money in the long run. Sounds like you're throwing away batteries which is never cheap! Spend some money on a good charger and your batteries will love you.

Never over discharge your batteries past 80-90%

Well it sounds like your house is going to burn down...

But no really lipos dont just kill themselves.

Get yourself a good charger...


This sounds like a problem of not charging your batteries correctly. What charger are you currently using? If you are using some cheap 15$ and it is ruining your batteries, you should probably invest in a better charger. The prices may seem high, but If you are relying on a bad charger currently, and wasting batteries because of it, you will end up spending less money.

I think you'd better read this Lipo battery guide:


To know more these Lipo battery knowledge: 

"How to maintain the Lipo battery?"
"Lipo battery Safety"

It will tell you how tell charger and dscharge your Lipo battery.

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