Hi guys...

I just started a new frame design, but i cant find a supplier in South Africa for the G10 1.5mm sheet i need to make it. Any help from you fellow South Africans would be great.




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Check out my design. The camera mount is an open source design i found on RC Groups :)

G10, can make up plates for you,( will be doing some for my own design) cutting is "fun" though, diamond tools do the job properly, send me a PM if need be

That would be great where about in SA are you?

Hi Chris


Nice to see a lot of fellow South Africans on the site ! I recently build my first own quad as well. Way better than buying the complete kit. Your design looks pretty awesome and quite practical. One thing that is very difficult to do is keep your weight down. I used 12mm square aluminium tubing for my arms and laser cut the rest of the frame from diabond. I am looking at ways to reduce weight. How does G10 compare weight vs strength ?. Diabond is quite light but not as strong as solid aluminium. My total weight including one 2200mA battery is 1.1kg and I can only get about 10 min flying time. Where are you buying the rest of your parts ?

G10 is fiberglass so its strength to weight is pretty good :)

I made my first quad out of pvc pipe :P Then i built my current frame out of 25mm aluminum tubing :O ! Its an absolute beast about 1.5 kg with two 2200 mah batteries.

I bought my motors and esc's from a local guy who imports from china. Very cheap but rubbish quality! So now i buy from www.wifly.co.za they are cheap fast and will import anything hobby king has if you ask them nicely.


Im from Tokai Cape Town. I was so happy when i saw ArdiDrones. Before i thought i was the only one in SA :P Too bad you guys weren't around when i bought my electronics. Ive still got the first APM board so i might upgrade when the code starts to be too big.


The arms can be high or low..

I found G10 at a place called calidus just incase any off you guys wanted to know.


Getting the frame cnc milled on Monday :)

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