Hi everyone,

just joined the forum today, as I am set on installing ardupilot mega into my aircraft but just want to try and clarify a few things before hand. As I live the UK I want to order everything I need in one go and from as fewer sites as possible as I will have to pay inport TAX and VAT.


1) Looking to purchase: ardupilot mega

                                   ardupilot mega IMU shield/oilpan Rev-H (with pins) 

                                   triple axis magnetometer Rev 1.1

                                   FTDI cable

                                   Mediatek GPS

                                   A selection of cables for my desired configuration


I want to have airspeed as well so would that require 'ardupilot shield V2 (MPXV5004DP)' and if so what are the units of measurement.

Is there anything else that you would recommend?


2) I already have eagletrees system installed for FPV (http://www.dpcav.com/xcart/product.php?productid=16480&cat=263&...). Would it be ok to daisy chain this between the R/C rx, eagletree, ardupilot, then to the servos. Also could I use the same gps module from my FPV system to feed the ardupilot using a splitter cable.


3) what is the best option for 2-way telementry, bearing in mind that I use 2.4ghz for R/C and 900mhz for FPV (although I may need to change this as this is the same frequency that Uk mobiles work on)


Sorry for such a long post, but i'm getting confused as to how to overcome my problems.


All help much appreciated.




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Hi Mike, is this for an airplane or copter?
Its for a Gas aeroplane - basically looking to do aerial photohgraphy with it
1) you don't need a magnetometer for an airplane or the FTDI cable at all. Also, you're confusing ArduPilotMega with the original ArduPilot (which uses that shield you mention; you don't need that with APM). If you want airspeed, get this sensor: http://store.diydrones.com/product_p/br-0004-03.htm

2) I'm not sure about the Eagletree stuff.

3) We normally recommend 900Mhz Xbee. In this case, you might want to switch to 2.4. Make sure you're using Xbee modules with wire or SMA antenna connectors. Don't get those 2.4 modules with the little built-in antenna pads.

We're always trying to improve the documentation and navigation here, so it concerns me that it's not clearer what you need. Were you able to find the tabs above and the APM homepage? http://www.diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/ardupilot-mega-home-page

If not, it would be helpful to me to understand how you came up with your list, since we should go back through that path and put in better directional signs.

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your info its been very helpful. I found the list I made in my original post from the same link that you sent me. I only posted it in order to clarify what I was planning to order, as I thought I needed items that, as it turns out I didn't such as the FTDI cable - although I now see the reason for this.


would the fact that I am operating my R/C equipment on the 2.4ghz frequency have any implications on running the telementry on the same frequency, as I have read mixed theories. Although my understanding was that 2.4ghz R/C equipment was supposed to channel hop to prevent interference. 


I have seen mixed reports about using 2.4 ghz radios with 2.4 ghz telemetry, I would not but the choice is yours, just don't like the idea of any issues meaning I lost control of my plane. At this point you will find it hard to get an Xbee to work in the UK. Search the forums there is a lot of info to be found.

Hi Martin,


Have been reading your posts with james regarding the Xbee 868's. If you have not already ordered them, then I would put my name down for one

Gentlemen, I too ordered the APM (arduPilot Mega) and IMU shield "oilpan" and a ardupilot shield v2, (MPXV5004DP)'. I have been searching for "days" it seems to find out how I was going to cable up my shield v2 airspeed sensor to my APM and oilpan to no avail. Glad I found this post!!! Now I know what to order for my airspeed addition.

Thanks for the forum and everyones posts and useful info

Larry (working on fpv and autopilot for failsafe return)



I have read some posts about xbee 868 and xsc, but I am not sure about disadvantages which each one.


I have read about 868 duty cycle problem, cooling, etc. As far as i am concerned, it seems duty cycle is solved with 9600 limit transfer. Other issue is cooling: maybe place it near of motor would be a solution.


About XSC, i am not sure, but it seems to be similar to 868 respecting rate transfer 9600.


Anyway, I need a range of 20km more or less, receive plane sensor data to the ground station, and send control data from ground station to the plane. Will be 9600kbps enough?


Which xbee would be better, 868 or xsc?


Thank you.



FYI, The

MPXV5004DP airspeed sensor works fine with APM/Oilpan.

(Oh and your calling it an ardupilot shield v2 which is an incorrect description.)


I would recommend staying with 900 for xbees (telemetry) and going 5.8 on video FPV. I just got two 5.8 transmitters and two receivers, both are good quality but have yet to fly (snow ya know :)

Thank for your answer, Johann,


OK, but with 2,4 I would work with no long range, wouldn't I? The main problem is that I need to send and receive data from xbee ground station to xbee air working in 20km range, more or less.


So, would 433 mhz be a better choice? Is there ane xbee working in 433 which i can use with ardupilot?


Thank you again

Oh, I am from spain. So I am allowed to work in 2.4 and 433? am not I?

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