I would Like to buy a Predator Drone UAV with Desert Camo paint on it complete with an autopilot, a built in undermounted Camera and a GPS Built in for the autopilot, It obviously needs to be able to fly, the thing is i can only spend around £100 on it, maybe less (£80 maybe) but as long as it looks the same as a Predator Drone ( the thing on the Banner at the top of the website) I would buy it.I would like a full Refund offer if i get it and it isnt what i wanted (you will get it back if i get refunded) 


Here is a quick Paint image of a predator with desert camo:

(sorry its not a very good picture

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You may want to check this out. I to have been looking into the same thing as you and he is great to work with. Predator Hope this helps.
This NOT a store.

This is a community site dedicated to helping people who are interested in experimenting with this exciting new field of UAVs, and who are interested in sharing their ideas and experiences.

P.S. I doubt you will find a plane, autopilot, GPS, ,camera, etc., anywhere for less than a thousand pounds!
(no matter what colour)
Hehe, why not go for a full sized version with thermal camera etc. while your at it :-)
Hi Tyler,
What you are looking for is almost a custom job, so you will have to look for it in custom builders site/shops. A word of advice though , you will have to add a zero to ballpark figure . Let us know when you find one and details too, thanks
Sgt Ric then what is this: http://store.diydrones.com/ ?
Jordi's store sells components for DIYers to work with... no autopilot, no planes. (yet)

I mean he doesn't do the kind of order you want.

Try Walmart.
Be prepared to open your wallet...

Look at crop cam's site. for example.
Tyler, thats a much better paint picture than I could manage.

Do you fly RC already??

You really need to be able to in order to know if things are going wrong. Start with a free sim, like FMS, use google to find it, Flying Model Simulator. most PC's will run it.

Look at and read this site inside out, then do it again.

Knowledge is power and all the information is here.

Welcome to DIYdrones and good luck.

Small steps.
Haha I'll sell you a predator with full autopilot, and camera payload for 100GBP. Unfortunately, I don't have any desert camo, so its going to be woodland camo, is that ok? :P
@Joel... are you trying to put Micropilot, Procerus, and UNav all out of business at the same time?

"...a predator with full autopilot, and camera payload for 100GBP"
thnx for the compliment about paint picture :)
ummm sorry guys i dont need it anymore cus i got this small helicopter thingy with a rc controller and a little camera that starts video or takes pictures using different buttons, im pretty happy with this, im only 11 and i was thinking a bit too big dont you think? i would love it if i got one but im happy with my small helicopter that a made look like an apache :).
plus im starting a buisness making custom LEGO MINIFIGs by using sharpie pens to customize the look of them then selling th MINIFIG for a slightly higher price (say £8 for the normal minifig and £4 for the pens and each pen does about 10 figs then selling the minifig for about £22) and people do buy them on ebay, i already sold 10 :)
People think im too clever for my age but im not even a nerd so its strange.
Anyway guys i apreciate all of your help but im happy now, bye! :-)


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