I've got a lot of hardware I'm not using and not likely to use again.  All looking for a better home.  All I ask is that you use paypal and make it worth my while to pack and ship it.  

Some of these are beta boards.  I won't guarantee which revision any particular thing is unless it is clearly marked on the board and you ask...  So looks like there is:

A couple of ArduPilot Legacy boards and shields.

An ArduIMU v1 and two v2s

A Sparkfun Logomatic SD datalogger

An APM MinimOSD (pretty sure this is a beta)

ADNS2610 Mouse sensor board with mouse lens removed

A couple of SP1000 pressure sensor boards

A VR Robotics Multipilot32 beta board

A PPM encoder board

A Sparkfun 9DOF Razor IMU board

I'll wait one day for best offer on the lot.  If that doesn't happen I'll part it all out.  Make me an offer on whatever you want by PM/friend request.  

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i'd like cheap ardupilot to put in a plane. any suggestion?

Just the usual suggestion - spend some time on the site educating yourself about what all this stuff is and how it can be used....


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