My experience for the last 16 years has been as an deck officer in both the merchant and offshore energy sectors of the maritime industry. During this time I have noticed that new technologies, software and equipment are often not suitable for maritime use, are inefficient, do not provide a suitable user interface or can be overcomplicated.

Change and modernization of the maritime industry is finally underway, led by some major technology firms like Rolls Royce, Kongsberg and Wartsilla to name only a few.  Recently Roll's Royce released an "intelligent awareness system" (link below) to help seafarers operate vessels more safely and efficiently.  The system utilises various sensors such as LIDAR, High definition cameras, night vision, radar and automatic identification system (AIS) to avoid collisions, running aground and aid berthing ships.  This is the maritime industry's first major step towards the automation of ships world wide and can be viewed in a scary terminator "Skynet is coming!!!" kind of way, or you can get excited about the progress that is been made and get on board (excuse the pun) to help fill in the innovation gaps that need filling before full autonomy gets underway.

My research into the use of reality capture and computer vision technologies has identified a number of applications in which tools like drones, 360 cameras and laser scanners are already being put to use in the maritime industry.  It also identified significant room for development of services and products that utilize these tools, as well as a number of other areas where the advancement in mixed reality (MR) technologies can create new services and products for the industry.

I'm offering an advisory service to businesses of who are interested in identifying their place within the maritime industry, and who are looking for new ways to develop their products and services.  Further to this I am also offering an advisory service to maritime professionals to help them identify where technology can be utilized now and in the future to help them engage their colleagues to work smarter, more efficiently and safer.  Taking this holistic approach I want to facilitate and promote the smart and positive development of products and services that are fit for purpose, user friendly and cost effective, all of which are often hard to find in the maritime industry.

Please get in touch if I can help you in anyway with research, making connections, testing or development of your products and services. I am happy to help you succeed and bring innovation to an industry which I am passionate about.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to reading your feedback and hopefully speaking with some of you soon.

All the best


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