I have been doing Aerial Photography for almost ten years now and I recently began the process of configuring multiple micro controllers. I purchased these pieces of equipment to make the process of flying my aircraft easier and more efficient. Recently, I purchased several micro controllers and they are very basic. The protocols I have been trying to write, I have been having a difficult time configuring the protocols to what they should be. In the picture below that is basically what I am trying achieve. I have already purchased this equipment and am looking for a engineering firm or professional company that can assist me in making the protocols to the correct specifications. All ground equipment from the joysticks to the toggle switches I am trying to figure out the most appropriate way to plug them up so that I can program them. What would I use that would have IO pins and I could program it and it function to where I could control my aircraft properly? The tags I have left below will direct you to a website allowing you to access more information on the micro controllers. If there is a helpful online resource as to how you would program a micro controller I would also appreciate that very much. Please understand this information is very rough, if you wish to know more about the setup or what I am planning to do with it please message me, also If you know of anyone or a company that you might recommend please don't hesitate to tell me.

Thank you,

Timothy D.

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