Hello everyone,
I will need some help to change the language in mission planner . My computer setting are in italian. I install MP and i change the language in the planner window in italian but I don't like it because the pronunciation of the English words sounds weird. So i go back to English and now the words are good in English but numbers and the accent is still in italian.
I try everything, change all my pc settings in English, deleted and install mp again, delet one more time everything and use cclener to cancel all the folder but nothing.
Everytime same story. I saw in other posts that you can force the languages.
Here is the video of what I mean https://youtu.be/LRZzzw9hqhA
Someone can help me .

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Nobody can help me?

Perhaps you  can have more help here http://discuss.ardupilot.org/c/ground-control-software/mission-planner where you can find the MP developer.

Good Luck.

Hi Costy,

I agree, you need to talk to the Mission Planner developer, Michael Oborne.

At the forum link Cala gave you above, he is the blue "M" and your best bet would be to ask this question on that forum.

Mostly all the Ardupilot stuff is now over at the Ardupilot site now, not here on DIYDrones any more.

Best Regards,


Thank you guys. I will try there .

Change your keyboard on the bottom box right of your screen(left click(Mine says ENG)) to the proper language, here in canada ours flips to french lol!!!

Might work for you....

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