I've had a long think about my multi-rotor collection and decided to sell my Mikrokopter electronics.

The honest truth is i'm too worried that i'll have a silly stack and trash the lot, which means i'm not flying it, which is therefore a waste.

The flight electronics had a few flights in it's original life as a hexa 2, but not huge amount of use. It is now wired up for the GR-24 receiver.

The pdb is brand new - built just before christmas, bench tested but never flown.

The follow-me box is something i built and requires an xbee module (the one pictured will NOT be include) and a suitable xbee connection to the flight stack.

The radio is as new - been used to bench test the electronics, but never been out in the field. It comes in it's original box with programming dongle.

Flight stack
1 x Flight-CTRL v2.1ME
1 x Navi-CTRL v1.1
1 x MK 3Mag v1.1
1 x MK GPS v1
1 x GPS shield v1.1

Power distribution
1 x hexa distribution board v7a (XL pdb)
6 x BL-CTRL v2.0
Includes resistors/transistors and wiring for LEDs
1 x vislero 3300mAh flat pack

Follow me module
1 x Navi-CTRL v1.1
1 x MK GPS v1
1 x Xbee adaptor
1 x 7.4v lipo
1 x enclosure
(requires Xbee modules)

1 x Graupner MX-20
1 x GR-24 receiver
1 x hott smart box


1 x mkUSB module

Would prefer to sell as a complete set - £1165.00 inc shipping within UK. 
Shipping to europe/elsewhere - dependant on where you live (ie: i'll get a quote)

If anyone is interested in JUST the MK electronics

(1 x navi-ctrl, 2 x gps, 2 x navi-ctrl, 1 x mkmag, 1 x pdb with 6 x bl-ctrl 2, 1 x mkusb) - £790inc uk postage

Flight ctrl


follow me box


gps and navi ctrl




power distribution bl-ctrl 2


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