So looks like I'll be starting my Quadcopter project earlier than I expected :) YAY

I'm planning on getting the new APM2 board and possibly this frame (With looks like that how could you turn it down???)


How can I work out what size/type motor and prop I'll need for it?
Would work?  What's the difference between that and the 3x more expensive ?  Both seem to have similar thrust so what benefit would the pricier one give?

Also what's the benefit of going for a 'slimline' as above Vs something like ?


Sorry if they're basic questions, I just don't want to waste time/money buying the wrong stuff!

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How does compare to the ones I linked at ?


They don't exist in the calculator and I don't have all the specs required for a 'custom' motor entry in it.

I can't comment on their performance, although there are some not-so-good reviews about them on the HK site.

Again, you want to look at the mounting.  They have an odd triangular layout for the mounting holes.  For that frame, you want mounting holes inline across the centreline of the motor.

I've found these to be a good value, quiet and powerful motor:

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