Need Help ** ArduPilot (legacy) Throttle Lost as soon as AP is engaged


I've been using my ArduPilot (legacy)(sw version 2.7) for quite some time and have at least 50 hours of flight time.


Recently I've had to swap out my ESC a couple of times.  Now the throttle does not disengage after I've gone from manual into one of the other modes. It stays at Full.  I have FBW-A and AUTO.  I have to turn back to manual to return to normal controlled throttle.  Yesterdays flight seemed to not want to run it's mission in auto, but I'm not sure if that was because I'd loaded the mission using my windows 7 workstation and always get and error.  I'll try to reload the mission using trusty vista (never thought I'd say that!!!) or xp so I don't want to concentrate on that issue.


I'm going to try another ESC and see if I get back to normal but would like to know could this happen because the different ESCs give different throttle readings?  In the beginning I looked a the throttle but never had to do anything.

 I like the smaller size of the AP(L) as it fits into smaller areas so I'll be buying a new board just to have one, and I do have a APM but don't have the oilpan yet so I cant use the newer ap yet.


Any advise is greatly appreciated.

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