Hi folks,

I am looking at using an APM2.5 i have spare from an old quadcopter to put into one of my planes.

I am looking at only using the stabilize flight mode, and use the apm as just a really good stabilizer - as my current orangerx stabilizer just stabilizes big sudden movements and doesn't return the plane to level (like the APM will?).

Do i need to have the GPS module connected for the stabilize mode to work? I am not sure if my gps module has an external compass or not. Does the stabilize mode use GPS/compass or is it all the internal gyros? If so, i guess i will just disable the GPS somehow in mission planner?

Thanks for any info!

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I can't believe no one bothered to answer your query.

Yes, APM2 will work just fine as a stabilizer and you don't need to connect external sensors. I do this myself and it's a good use for old APM2s. You can even use the mode features to have various stabilization modes.

They are also good for use on antenna trackers. Seems a pity to waste them.

OrangeRX stabilizers are the same as all of the other low cost stabs - just an Atmel 328, an IMU, and a power supply. The software in them is Chinese junk. I replace it with my own, which I also publish on Github, and it works much better. I have one of these in a tiny rubber powered biplane converted to RC with a BLDC bell motor. Without the stab it is not possible to fly it. With the OrangeRX stab and my code it flys just fine.

Another cheap AP that makes a fine stabilizer is the CCP3 which has a fast 32b processor and good performance. This one is really good for gliders because the many outputs allow for flap/spoiler combinations.

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