open source brush less gimbal controller sets [new round]

the new round has just started... 

limited quantity.. 

15 left.....

controller board + imu.. 

$47 ship with standard shipping..

or add $20 for DHL worldwide express.. all will shipped on Friday


if you guys remember... I started a batch back a week ago just for anyone who is interested trying this out

for quality control.. we made about 20 pcs more just in case of bad product... 

stock: 20 pcs left
what is included:
1x OSBLG control board
1x imu 6050 breakout
optional (presoldered pins and connector)

so.. they are leaving for $50 include shipping to worldwide.... please PM me for payment info

demo on the boards

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I'm interested, but a little confused.  There are so many BLGC's going around right now, I can't keep track of what's what!  How do you fit in with the rest of the people doing this?

what I have here is basically a finished set of electronics..  which means... it has 1x controller board, 1x IMU board

I used the latest PCB shem/design from the team

what else do you need is  1x gimbal... 2x brushless motor to rewind with 0.15mm mag wire at 60+coils each stator...

this is the open source one. not the one from AQ team costing $100eu....  the OSBLG proj is not for commercial purpose.. I personally has inform the dev team  for the production and, for sure, our purpose is to find enough people to help with making a batch... and give people chance to try this out

this is basically an individual/enthusiastic project/production

Hi James,

I am interested in buying one controller set.

I looked quickly at and have some questions :

- is the controller corresponding to V1.1 ?

- where can I order or find the files for the 3D printed cases ?

- if i want presoldered pins and connector, how much is the price to be added  ?

- I didn't find a lot of details about the two motors

For what kind of gimbal/camera weight is each one of these motors ?

I supposed they have to be rewounded

Where can i find these informations ?

Congratulation to all the team who developed this OSBLGC !!!!



it is v3 ..the latest pcb design...

i have a few people who ordered this has 3d printer.. i can refer you to some of them to see if they are willing to help

the presoldered pins and connector are for free (just you have option to have it or not)

the motor is cf2822.. i didnt find the other one either

(i believe cf2822 is mainly for gopro or card camera,, 4404 is for bigger EOS)

I'll get  rewinding info out as soon as I finished collecting the orders.. i'll send out an instruction thru email

there might be finished rewinded motors out in the next few weeks for sure

are these the latest revision boards?

yes,, v3, it was just out hours before sent out for production

What kind of insane deal can I get on 4 shipped?

literally... it will be about $5 cheaper for rest 3 (cuz shipping all four together)... which means 50+3x45=$185 to your door

James, I would like to get one. PM me when you get my friend request.


James - yes I would like to place an order for one of these. Payment was to be via PayPal, is this still correct. I have placed a 'friend' reques so that you can send me further details re. confirming order. Thanks.

I'm also interested in this. How can I order?

update.. the new round has just started. there are only limited quantity.(15pcs)




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