After many hours of research and invaluable input from people on DIY Drones, we settled on the Easystar with the Easyglider wing for our AP platform. We plan on modifying it to look something like the modification discussed here,

For our motor we went with a hacker A30-12l brushless outrunner and a Hacker A30 pro ESC. For batteries we plan on running two or three thunderpower pro 2250 11.1v lipos in parallel. What do you guys think of this platform? is it too powerful?

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It flies well. I have about 6 flights on it. I did stall and crash it on Sunday, but only snapped the 2 vertical uprights of the section above the wing. Also broke the camera because of sand intrusion. It should be flying, sans camera, this weekend.
Just got my easy glider wing set a few days ago. I found they are a little bigger than EZ star wings at the joint part. How did you guys fit them into the ez star fuselage? Did you cut the wings or cut the fuselage wing holder?
I think the common mod is to sand down the wing roots so they will fit in the EZ Star fuselage. I would avoid taking anything way from the fuselage as I believe the the vertical postions infront and back of the wings are over stressed if you make the aircraft heavier. My plane (pictured above) has the entire top wing holder portion snapped off from an impact. gross weight is 2.75 lbs.
thanks for the advice. your set up looks great john.

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