i am total new to all this so please bear with me
i am trying to build an autonomous paramotor and am interested if the ardupilot system will allow me to input enough parameters
i need to gain and lose altitude using the engine throttle (preferably with a few meters variance when the autopilot will not be trying to correct the altitude)
the steering will just be 2 control sufaces applying one at a time never together(again maybe allow it a variance)
and in the event of sudden altitude loss all controls to zero for 5 secs then resume to allow glider to autmatically regain control before correcting direction of flight
i think my problem is for fixed wing you need more control whereas i need the autopilot to do less just correct the altitude and direction and let the airframe do the flying
because the paraglider will naturally be vague in its direction and altitude i dont want the auto pilot to try correct every little variance or it will unsettle the airframe
do you think this is possible and what hardware/software would you reccomend
i hope this is a relatively new idea as i am sure you guys enjoy a challenge

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