I have been using stabilize, wanted to try position hold to see if it will at least stay in my back yard and it wont, it drifts off almost hitting fences and plants.

I know the GPS works well because I fly it waypoints a lot and it works well.

Any reason it wont hold position?

GPS both lights blue.

I can see it moving on its own trying to stay in position, but it wont.


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Reading Chris post Im wondering if I'm confusing Alt Hold with Loiter mode, maybe I need to try it and see if thats what I really want.

Chris is probably right that a lot of modes are confusing, finding a mode that is great for every day flying is really I guess what Im looking for.

I guess I thought loiter was just for stoping, did not know I can fly take off and land with it this is my misunderstanding of the flight modes.

Ill try loiter tomorrow, waiting for epoxy to dry :(

We have two different flight modes:

    "Loiter" which controls horizontal and vertical position.

   "Position " which only controls the horizontal position.  the vertical position (i.e. throttle) is manual like stabilize mode.  I don't think people use position mode much.

Position Hold keeps just the position, but the copter may go up or down in altitude. Loiter [tries to] keeps also Altitude and also Position. 

I would think Hold Position mode is useful for filming a tall poll, like an electric power poll, or a mountain climber. I would say to keep the mode.


You should be able to do that in loiter. If you lower the throttle you will loose altitude and if you raise it you will gain altitude.


The perfect loiter mode would for me be that the copter stays in position and altitude when sticks are in center and when a stick is out of the center position the speed of the movement should be a linear function of the stick position. Maybe that will be to difficult so an alternative could be that pitch / roll angle will be a linear function of stick position (like I think stabilize works today)

Regarding confusion of modes:

Today (Mission Planner 1.2.28) we can select the following modes

1: Acro

2: Alt Hold

3: Auto

4: Circle

5: Guided

6: Land

7: Loiter


9: Pos Hold

10: RTL

11: Stabilize

12: Toy

Most of the modes are described here AC2_ModeSwitch, but what is Land, OF_LOITER and Toy mode? Have an idea of the intention of Land is, but does it work?



of loiter uses optical flow.


normal loiter can be used to climb and decent, just at predetermined rates, outside the central throttle deadband, compared to pos-hold where you have full manual throttle control.


I suppose position hold could be useful if you want to climb and fall quickly, or at different rates, but I too am happy with the loiter methos.


I might give pos-hold a try later, and kill the throttle momentarily. That should be interesting :) (BUT not recommended!)

Hi Benny,

I can tell you that Land works just fine. I've tested it with my Y6 on numerous occasions and it works like a charm. I had my Y6 decending from around 50m and flipped into land mode. The copter decended at a fair pace up till about 2.5-3m from the ground and then decended slowly until it touched down. It becomes a little bouncy then so I would suggest killing the throttle and turning land off(back to stabilize). Your multi will just sit down without issues. The new 2.9 rx apparently sorted the bounce on land. Can wait for the release.



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