Power up before ESC connected and no stable mode indication

Hey! Using APM and ardupirates 527....


I have migrated over from AQ, so this is all a little new to me, however i kinda like to thin I know my way around better than someone completely new to this....


I have to power the APM for a few seconds before connecting the ESC's otherwise they will not detect an input and disable themselves...also i cannot seem to get the stable mode indicator to stay solid to show stable mode...it only flashes...


Any suggestions?

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So i fixed this, plugging my bec into the receiver rather than the APM solve the issue of the ESC's not detecting an input?!?


I can fly in stable mode, however i cannot see which LED indicator shows this mode?  I have one solid green light A and one flashing amber light B...


Which one shows stable mode?

slow flashing green is stable mode, solid green is motors disarmed

yellow indicates acro mode afaik

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