I am working on APM 2.6, 3DR telemetry modules are paired, but when i want to connect the mission planner through them the connection times out and it does not connect. What could be the problem. Plz help. 

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Did you select the right port and port speed? 56000
That's all I ever see issues with.

Have you EVER connect to AIR module from "electrical" side? Maybe there's problem in electrical connection between modem and APM?

Why do the downgrade to 1.7 instead of upgrading to 1.9?


The baud rate needs to be 57000.  Screen shots show 115000


David R. Boulanger

Hello everybody,

i have similar issues like i read in this thread.

I have both firmware in radios, the status led is solid green, i power up the ardupilot 2.6 with power module, i select the correct baud rate and com port (57600) but i cannot connecting via mission planner. Some times and i mean "some"  connected but  the communication is lost after few seconds. here is the print screen of misssion planner..


Are you sure you have proper electrical connection between APM and AIR radio?

the problem was in the wire connecting the apm with the radio, i figured that our and now its working ok.... thanks for your useful suggestions and help

the air radio is connecting on the ap2,6 with cable that it comes from 3dr. it needs extra power via usb port?
i check again the wire it seems ok. also check it to connect the apm direct with 5 volt battery with and without jumper but i take the same results..


i'm working on APM2.8,but i felt it difficult while doing compass calibration using USB. So, I bought a telemetry radio but the air radio isn't blinking when socketed to APM.Just to check whether the radio is working or not I tried it on the GPS port and then it started to blink.

so,what should it be,

is the APM faulty or should i powerup the APM directly

Pls help me out

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