Does anyone have a recommendation for a good composite to usb video convertor to use with the HUD in MP? I've got a cheap easycap one but it craps about at a very low frame rate and usually chokes and goes to black screen. I'm guess it can't handle the bandwidth. I'm using a 5.8GHz immersionrc vRx. It just has composite out.

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have you tried the built in MP video engine?

goto mp options and try the option at the top.

#thatwaseasy.  #solved.

Wow.  Why was that not discussed ANYWHERE in this part of the forum?  Is that a new feature?  Now I feel dumb :/  ...

OK.  So now that the video is playing flawlessly in the HUD, the roll part of the overlay is jittering like crazy.  I've had that happen no matter what video was piped in (even just an MJPEG stream I had running from a security camera in the house).  I've also heard other people have this issue as well.  

Is it a frame rate issue?  I believe my cam is running NTSC, 720x480 at 30fps, but it does it at lower resolutions as well.  Its moving so quickly that you can't do a screen capture that is good enough for you to see it.

Here's it actually working in the HUD now, thanks for the previous help Michael!!  But what about the jitters?  (Maybe the copter is just nervous to fly? :)  )

Here also are my mission planner settings with the video input:

Anyone have any ideas on this?  Anyone else have a jittery HUD overlay when using a video capture device?

I've been having great results with my ezcap but just using it for video. My audio was going through my fatshark goggles but then I was thinking why can't I get the sound via ezcap? It has audio but how can I access it with MP or can I only use video with MP?

I'm using an imac and it would be great to have the sound come out of it's speakers. Anyone know if it's possible?

MP doesn't setup capture devices for sound. only video.

one way to get around it is an rca lead to 3.5mm jack.

Thanks Michael but the iMac doesn't have a mic input. I was hoping the ezcap could get it into the iMac. Is there any plan to bring audio into MP or do you know of a way I could run a separate audio program to pick up that audio?

Also is it possible to have the video capture settings retained on restart? I'm always selecting my capture card and turning off hud. Would be nice for it to just start up the way it was last quit.

And thanks for all your work on the MP!

The way that Tommy Larsen recommended I use VLC player to stream the video so MP can use it gives me audio - not through Mission Planner, but because VLC is open at the same time it plays to the speakers. I'm doing this on a PC, so I have no idea how to help you with a Mac, but it might work the same way. I'm getting full frame rate video into MP, but it's delayed 3-5 seconds, so it's not useful at all for FPV. To look at later to see what was going on during a flight . . .

don, in

This forum sometimes cuts the post. Can you repost Michael.

I remember Tommy recommended the same thing to me on another discussion but I never set it up. With the delay though it will not be good for me. Better if MP can deal with the audio. It's possible Michael?


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