Greetings DIY Drones and thank you for being such an amazing community. I have enjoyed many flights with my airplanes and 3DR Quad over the years using practically every iteration of the APM hardware.

Unfortunately, I recently lost my quad while flying in my backyard and am looking for answers to what the heck happened. Shortly after takeoff I had trouble keeping the quad close to me and switched between stabilize and loiter mode a few times before giving up and switching to RTL. After a few seconds of flying in RTL the quad pitched away from me and kicked on afterburner. I have attached the flight log and would really appreciate some feedback as to what happened. My theory is partial motor failure based on the commanded pitch/roll vs actual pitch/roll. I have flown this quad successfully many times in all modes including AUTO and RTL and have never seen it fly so entirely out of control! The flight starts around 71% and the epic AWOL happens around 90%. To add insult to injury, I can't find the quad or any parts within 100 meters of the last indicated position. I want to believe the quad crashed into a row of trees and broke apart resulting in instant loss of datalink connectivity.

Any help on analyzing the log would be greatly appreciated!


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