Hi Guys,

I'm running into a little bug.  I've set my failsafe to RTL in the case of a loss of radio signal.  The issue is that every so often I get temporary losses of signal which engages the RTL mode but when the signal is regained and the mode switches back to AUTO, APM will skip it's next waypoint and move on to the following one.

So for example if I'm flying from waypoint 1 to 2 and lose signal in between, it will skip to waypoint 3 without ever going to 2.

By the way I'm using arduplane 2.26 and I'm not sure if this is an issue that has been resolved in 2.27

Thanks for your comments.

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Please update to 2.7 and see if that's still there. We typically don't review bug reports from old versions of the software. 

Hi Chris,

I've updated to 2.7 and ran into the same issue again.  Looking at the attached logs you'll notice a quick change to STABILIZE and back to AUTO again at line 36125.  This happened without my intervention.  No big deal except for the fact that the waypoint the plane was heading for was never reached.  Attached are both the onboard and GC logs.  The undesired turn takes place between waypoints 18 and 19.  Switching between modes and back to AUTO again, after the turn, did not resolve the situation.

On APM planner you'll see the turn at about 90.2% and on the .txt log right after line 36125


Thanks for any help on solving this issue.


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