I have developed an algorithm in matlab to control the 3dr solo drone from PC. Is tit possible to control the drone from my matlab model. I would like to control the drone by certain commands like takeoff  and return home. Could you please help me in interfacing my matlab model with 3 dr solo drone. My idea is that i can interface matlab model with UDP blocket and establish communication between Drone and matlab model via WIFI to the UDP port of Drone

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It should be possible however I would suggest you do the following so you can learn how pixhawk ( I am assuming you are either using Ardu pilot or Pixhawk) communicates with for example mission planner.

mission planner provides complete set of tools to create ways points in advance, make a plane to fly autonomous and using ground link telemetry you can even change things while in flight mode.

This will help you understand what parameters control what aspect of the plane as inside mission planner you can change control all the parameters.

Once you understand how it works you apply and send same commands from your own application.

Sounds like school final project to me :)

using the WIFI method we can only communicate with the drone for small distance only

Have you successfully done it?

This is not true wifi can be boosted over a long range, you need a booster module for your wifi antenna! it is 100 possible I have done this meany times with this platform. there is also documentation on this .

christopher.shiny said:

using the WIFI method we can only communicate with the drone for small distance only

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