Hi guys,

we've been working for some time on a stylish cool design for an arducopter frame that could be easily unmounted and that would give the quad a super-w00t look
here are a few renders, any feedbacks appreciated !




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That's a very nice design.

I've been toying with a few designs that are lightweight and protect bystanders from the blades in the event of a loss of control, but none of mine were that elegant.

Well done.
very elegant, no grass-landings/takeoffs with this beauty, i guess
i have no clue about arducopter frames... will the ring around the props not cause resonance/vibrations ?
- Connect adjacent shrouds to each other, to improve structural rigidity
- Be aware that the blades may flap or bend in flight. Ensure you have enough clearance for this
- Its not clear how many supports you have connecting the arms to each shroud. You should use a odd number to prevent undesirable resonances
- The overhead mounting is better from an aerodynamic perspective, since the stream tube contracts as it travels through the prop.
- Consider landing gear to keep the props further from the ground during landing/takeoff.

- Roy
Wow... its coooooool dude. Really good. I don't how much time would you guys spend on this but this simple, pretty and neat. Added some designs or patterns will make it pretty stunning and a landing gear would be better for some ground clearance. I would like to have one of this or want to make one.
Alex, have you pursued a prototype of this slick quad?
nope :/ lack of time killed it - if someone is interested in pushing it a bit further let me know ! the design files are pretty advanced already

Do you have this design in .DXF file format or any CAC/CAM file? If so please tag a link and I will be off to produce this puppy...

I have access to a 3D printer and would like to have a play at getting this printed, can you send me the files?

That's sexy (For a machine).  It'd be awesome to find somewhere that can turn that into reality...I'd buy one if it didn't turn out super expensive!!!!

Nice frame :) great design ! If this went to the market, I would probablly get one

there's a link to the 3d files let me know how that turns out ! https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6774414/eyedrone_3d.zip

Nice design, makes me feel like a complete novice at solidworks...could you also supply the solidworks file for the body? As I'm looking to adapt it to fit Hubsan X4 electronics.


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