This is a thread to submit ArduCopter configuration files (PID settings) for common airframes. Once they are reviewed, they will be placed in the manual here so that others may use them.

Along with your config file (saved from the Mission Planner), please list:

  • Frame type (quad, hexa, etc)
  • Manufacturer
  • Orientation (x or +, if relevant)
  • Motors
  • Props
  • APM 1 or 2
  • Any useful notes on performance or flying tips

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Just FYI, usually you want to have your apm and your battery setup centered on your quads center of gravity. This usually means your apm is in the "middle" of your quad with the battery mounted somewhere above or below it but still near the center. This aligns your aircrafts brain and sensors with the aircraft's center of mass, giving the fcu the most equal control of the airframe in all directions.

It appears that your apm is mounted off center so you will want to carefully consider that approach...


someone have F450 Configuration files?


I have flown (mostly) stock f450 on apm 2.5 with default quad 2.9.1 settings and it is pretty good. I have not had much success with the dji escs with apm. I had best results swapping out the dji escs for something else.


Hi All,

SM650 Rctimer frame; 30A SimonK ESC; 10x4,5 SF nylon props; 4S 3000 - 5000 mAh bat; CRIUS AIOP v. II MegapirateNG; total weight 1600g; rate P - 0,15; rate I - 0,30; rate D - 0,006; stab. P - 4,5; stab I - 0,0.

Thanks, Brtz

- Quad X

- SK450

- Sunnysky 2216 800kv

- 10*45

- AIO pro V1

RTF ( 2200mha 3s) help yourself adjust parameters to fit in with the offline configuration.thanks


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