T1-A Agricultural Protection Flight Controller Hardware Upgrades

The optimization of the damping scheme can better adapt to the vibration of the plant protection drone, which can realize more stable and reliable flight. 

Upgrade the highly-gain antenna, improve the quality of star search, and effectively enhance the anti-interference performance. 
2. Magnetic compass 
Anti-interference performance is enhanced, effectively guaranteeing the plant protection machine in the strong magnetic interference situation. 

1.Enhancement in power supply capacity can work continuously under 3A and 5V. 
2.Enhancement in anti-static ability can resist 8KV high voltage. 
3.The power line is thicken, the installation is more firm, the conductive performance is stronger. 
4. Update the ARS power module, with stronger anti surge and anti reverse function.

1.Anti-static ability increases, which can resist 10KV high voltage. 
2.2. Waterproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion function.

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