T1 Flight Controller is a multi-rotor flight control system for commercial and industrial applications. The integrated flight control system incorporates a high-precision sensor element for stable, reliable and easy-to-use.

>>Protection function--T1 has failsafe protection, low battery alert and motor failure or broken propeller protection, which can ensure the safety of flight.

>>Strong interference immunity to magnetic fields--When interfered by magnetic field, the aircraft will rotate or even crash out of control. T1 flight controller is specifically algorithm in order to withstand more interference.

>>Built- in vibration damping design--T1 flight controller adopts self-designed internal vibration damping structure, which not only improves the stability, but also simplifies the installation steps.

>>Original chip, excellent workmanship--T1 uses CNC aluminum case and the original chip. From outside to inside, TopXGun’s persistent pursuit of the perfect quality reflects everywhere. GPS module uses M8N so that satellite search ability is better and flight is more stable.

>>High performance expansibility--T1 adopts special design, it can be connected to external high performance IMU. Compared with the general industrial grade flight controller, the external IMU has higher control accuracy and reliability. In case the external IMU fails, flight controller will switch to internal IMU to ensure the flight safety.

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