I am wondering is there any way to expand the Telemetry ports 1 and 2 to be extended to more ports?

I have a situation where all my Telemetry ports are in use;

1. Telemetry

2. Minimum OSD

I need to connect an ADS-B avoidance receiver to Telem 2 but looks like I would have to sacrifice my minimum OSD.

Any suggestions?

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Never mind I found the answer through someone else.

There are 5 eligible serial ports on the Pixhawk. Telem 1/2 and Serial 3-5 any port can be used as long as the protocol is set to Mavlink and rate is 57,600.

Within Mission Planner you can configure these settings in the Full Parameters List.

For example, if you plugged the Device into “serial4/5” on a Pixhawk you would set:

SERIAL4_PROTOCOL to 1 (meaning MAVLink)
SERIAL4_BAUD 57 (meaning 57600)

Note Serial 4/5 may require special wiring if you are using port 5.

Wiring info is here: pixhawk.org/modules/pixhawk under PINOUTS

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