Hello, I have designed a new RTK GPS unit I call TGM100 (100 x 100 mm ground plane), based on a uBlox NEO-M8P receiver.  As the image shows, the ground plane is equipped with 24 LEDs, which will show the relative position of received satellites.  I'm looking for some assistance in testing and validating the RTK mode (Robustness, Degradation performance etc.).

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Aside from looking cool, what's the utility of knowing where the sats are?

Chris, the LED feature is 80% cool and 20% useful (depending on who you ask :) ).  It only adds a few dollars to the overall cost and it provides instant information about the number and "spread" of the received satellites.  The "outer ring" shows satellites with an elevation below 55 degrees.  SNR > 35 result in a solid ON, while lower SNR result in shorter ON-time.  On the GCS I typically use, I only receive a single number for average SNR, so this provides more information about the quality of the lock and whether or not some satellites are "shaded" by buildings or other structures.  FYI, the unit also features a Honeywell HMC6343 compass, which is used for navigation and orienting the LED display, properly. 

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