Hi everyone,

I put together a short list of many details that have gone into making a RPi quad. I have some pictures posted in my photo album. I'll get those updated soon as well as some video when I locate a firewire port for the DV camera.

I've started a group as well. I'm sure there are others out there flying or at least attempting to fly a Raspberry Pi =)

Quad-FU - Project Outline

X525 Frame Kit
20A ESCs
*Tossed the KK Multicopter Controller

Raspberry Pi 700MHz ARM
Debian Linux

running as a WiFi Hot-Spot to easily connect all sorts of devices =)

-Quad-FU Master Controller;
our quadrotor controller software, currently written in C

Arduino Nano **Thank you Tom!

-Quad-FU SPI Slave Controller;
arduino code receiving motor throttles and generating the 1-2ms pulse to drive the ESCs

-Motor Throttle Data is sent from the RPi over SPI from the Quad-FU Master Controller software

-Used for two good reasons: 1) 5V was needed to drive the ESC 2) The little duino needed a good home

Wii Motion Plus && Wii Nunchuck

-Reading Gyro and Accelerometer data over I2C via RPi

-Processing data on the RPi with a modified Kalman filter we wrote in C

Un-Named Controller Input Software

-Written in C# and used to interpret the PS3 Controller

-Sends throttle, pitch, roll, yaw, and button data over UDP to the quad

PlayStation Controller

-Opened the controller and removed / modified the joystick assembly to prevent the stick from returning to center

-With a modified throttle it was the cheapest way to have a decent wireless controller to control our quad


-Soon we will be receiving a bleeding edge IMU from a sponsor

-Laser 3D Modeling of surroundings

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ReneeLov3, this is an exciting project. Will be folowing your endeavor closely.

I've been working on a similar concept to use the RPi. Started with a basic 5/8 channel ppm generator to be hooked up to a joystick for control of airplanes (code.google.com/p/gt-jtx). Since the AVRs get limited after a while, I am considering doing something similar and have the RPi take over the ground display and joystick interface; and add on other stuff like Gyro/Video etc later



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